Senior Edition 2018
Senior Wills


I, Noah Stubenrauch, will my varsity spot to Dennis Giller

I, Katelyn Sevier, will my pettiness to Sophia Calcidise

I, Celeste Riddell, will ONE of my 6-inch high heels to Erin Seccia.

I, Alec Yeaste, will my First Trombone chair in symphonic band to Tim Bredemeier

I, Abby Dorsa, will my Carmex to Abby Ewing

I, Dunia Alkurdi, will leave my studious tendencies from freshman year —only— to Meghan Burke of the sophomore class.

I, Juste Kirieliute, will happiness and more sleep throughout high school to Urte Kirieliute and Gabby Stover.

I, Taylor Owens, will the marching band truck loading crew and podium duty to Jack Roman.

I, Will Henn, will FlüdBot to Matt Gerstner

I, Addie Collins, will my sense of humor to Trinity Acree.

I, Sabrina Sharpe, will my dart wars gun to Chloe Keith

I, Karleigh Conner, will the job of designing the spirit wear for cross country to Bella Miller

I, Ian Dalton, will my Tide Sponsorship to Jake Allgeier and Ethan Yeaste for the upcoming Marching Band Season.

I, Lahrenn Thibodeau, will my love of naps and pugs to Mekenna Thibodeau.

I, Maddie Gulbin, will my timberlands to Megan Preston

I, Alana Alexander, will my Timberlands to Gracyn Alexander

I, Kendall Constable, will my perfect attendance to Jessica Harmon.

I, Amber Mitchell, leave my stage mom position to Megan Wagner, as I truly don’t know anyone else as intense about things like her.

I, Brooklynn Buck, will my sunglasses to my sister Jersey Buck

I, Tiffany Steele, will my confidence and passion to Danielle Floreani

I, A. Maier, will my work ethic to S. Russell

I, Claire Meyer, will my car, Monica to Emma Meyer

I, Halle Farber, will being the smallest on the basketball court to Elizabeth Norgren

I, Victor Corrao, will my Dart Wars pipe to Brian Reagan #shakubras

I, Savannah Manley, will my writing ability to Michele Lvovsky.

I, Nate Munchen, will the ability to start Cross Country workouts to Alex Justus

I, AJ Feldstein, will my procrastination to Bailey Jones.

I, Sam Burgin, will my incredible handsomeness to my son AJ Money

I, Mickey Kruse, will my leftovers to Ryan Huneck

I, Chris Stock, will leave my supreme flow to JJ Handorf

I, Gideon Diebel, will the flow to Caleb Chunn

I, Nathan Witter, will my Splash Bro leadership to Deacon Hazelwood.

I, Dunia Alkurdi, will my freshman year studious tendencies to my little brother Zyad and hope he stays studious.

I, Halle Bledsoe, will my AP Biology binder to Megan Yoder

I, Gio Batac, will my Asian-ness to Gavin Whitaker

I, Jack Scharner, will my mullets to JJ Handorf.

I, Chris Lane, leave my Clout to Kevin Romo

I, Trey McKiernan, will my Dart Wars PVC pipe to Max Morrison

I, Nick Braun, will Super Smash Bros club to Justin Alcorn and Grant Shields

I, Anna Muenchen, will my Student Body Presidency to Jordan Harkins.

I, Chris Johnson, will my height to Javon. I know it’s not much, but every inch counts.

I, Chandler Kircher, will my incredible sense of humor to my sister Cameron who refuses to talk at school.

I, Sara Clark, will my perseverance to Lexi Jo Scudder.

I, Taylor Owens, will the marching band loading crew to Jack Roman

I, Stasia Jones, will my artistic talent to Alecia

I, Jeffrey Axelson, will my Laptop to Josh Hamilton

I, Dennis Bikmayev, will my fully functioning anterior cruciate ligament to Jackson Hacker.

I, Cole Swartz, will my chemistry binder to the highest bidder. Ada

I, Victor Corrao, will my dart wars pipe to Brian Reagan #shakubras

I, Olivia Faye Katenkamp, will my Noodles & Company hat to Megan Elizabeth Yoder.

I, Sammy Harris, will my “office” quotes to Jack Harris.

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