Homecoming Pep Rally

Article by Delaney Mettey

Kings High School students celebrated the beginning of Homecoming weekend on Friday, September 28 in the gymnasium before the Homecoming game.

Every student from freshman to senior cheered while showing off their Kings class colors! The freshman and sophomore classes have grown and their spirit is improving, making the seniors a bit more motivated for the challenge, more seniors stayed for the pep rally this year than the previous two years.

The varsity football team got to show their spirit by making a tribute slideshow of each player and what makes them the best football players today.

This years Homecoming Court got to show off their entrance with impressive handshakes and a guitar band to play in the background with senior Ian Floreni on lead guitar and sophomore Andrew Tiss on drum solo.

Two freshman girls got to share their first experience on the pep rally.

“ I like how everyone is getting involved and cheering because everything is coming together especially for the freshman and if they are getting nervous, it’s better to show our pride with them so they don’t feel alone,” said Katie Henry

Pep rallies can bring new ways to competition such as dancing and the Fortnite challenge was accepted four students from each grade got together and battle against each other.

Ryan Webber, English teacher was fascinated by the energy from the students, he gladly described his favorite attention from the pep rally.

“ The thing that gains the most attention, I believe, are the various contests held in the gymnasium. I particularly enjoy the staff-versus-student contests.”

Finally, the varsity cheer squad and dance team  got to perform their moves to show their spirit through dance moves and tricks.

Principal Miller was filled with enthusiasm to clarify the true meaning of school spirit.

“ I have always been a big believer in the idea of “work hard, play hard.” Our students and staff work so hard every day both inside and outside of the school day to keep up with the demands of them. It is important to take some time to blow off a little steam and celebrate every once in a while. Pep rallies give us a opportunity. I love seeing our school community come together, show how proud we are to be Kings Knights, and encourage one another to keep doing great things.”

After a long day of school, students enjoy themselves by coming together to have fun and show their school spirit as the years go by.   

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