Senior Day of Service

Article by Lauren Steele

Every year, the Seniors of Kings High School participate in the ‘Senior Day of Service’. In order to graduate from Kings High School, every student must complete fifty hours of community service. The day of service helps students receive some of their required hours as well as contribute to the community.

Because there are so many seniors, they must choose from a list of pre-coordinated organizations to volunteer for. This year, the students must volunteer with one of nineteen different groups that will participate in community service projects during the day.

This year, the Day of Service will take place on Wednesday, October 10th. Students will volunteer for Armco Park, Camp Kern, Carter Park, Ceasers Creek, Circle Tail, HART, In Return, JF Burns Elementary School, Kings High School, Landen Deerfield Park, Morgan’s Canoe Rental, Saint Aloysius, Saint Joseph’s Home, Stepping Stones, and The Lodge.

The group that each student chooses to be apart of will determine what type of service they will be doing for the day. Some of the projects include; mulching, picking up branches, cleaning out dog kennels, making blankets for animal cages, working with brain injury survivors, bench painting, pulling weeds, planting trees, planting gardens, cleaning up parks, and working with developmentally disabled adults.

Tracy Goldie, a math teacher at the high school is in charge of planning the Day of Service. This year will be her fourth year in charge of planning the day, and the eighth year that the school has had a designated day of service for the seniors.

“The day is a lot of work for seniors in the service club, Mrs. Brant, and I to put together, but in the end it’s worth it,” Goldie explains. “To see over 300 people working to improve the social injustices of the world is an amazing thing.”

Seniors at Kings are anticipating October 10th, and they are ready to make a difference in their community by helping local businesses, organizations, and their environment. The community service club has been planning this long-awaited day since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

Clare Ruddy, a member of the Kings Community Service Club who has helped to plan the Senior Day of Service explains “A lot of organizing goes into [planning the day]. We have to get everyone their t-shirts and make sure everyone who needs a permission slip is turning them in.”

The Community Service Club, Mrs. Goldie, and Mrs. Brant have put a lot of work into planning for the day and getting everything ready. On Wednesday, seniors will volunteer for the organization that they signed up for, which gives them a wonderful chance to serve their community.

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