Junior High Theatre Puts a New Twist on a Classic Fairytale

Article by Delaney Mettey

Mettey Snow White

Photo by Delaney Mettey

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?  The Kings Junior High seventh and eighth graders performed a new twist on an old classic “Snow White and the Prince” on February 7, 8, and 9. The story in this version follows Snow White as she prepares for her eighteenth birthday party and dreams of finding her Prince Charming. It’s a clever retelling of a classic tale.

The students worked hard starting in November to learn new music and choreography. They were excited to share this story with the audience. Seventh-grader Kylee Mettey, who played Mrs. Sniffleton was tired after all the performances but still pleased with the show.

“It’s an outstanding musical that will make any age feel the need to have fun and many people will be amazed by the beautiful music that will melt people’s hearts and the amazing cast  that play their favorite characters,”  she said. Not only was the cast’s musical director, Mr. Hayward, beyond proud of their dedication and hard work, but also he got to share his vision of the Snow White story.

“The story of Snow White has been a staple childhood fairytale since the 19th century. With each new variation, the story is changed just ever so slightly, sometimes to represent a tradition of culture, sometimes to tone down the original Brothers Grimm story. This set of students has worked very hard to get the show ready,  missing rehearsal days and set construction through the snow storms last month, but it has all come together.”

Pete Moore, a teacher at the high school, brought his daughter to see the show.

“My daughter is used to going to plays and she’s kinda grown out of the whole Disney princess phase even though it wasn’t a Disney show.”

Moore and his daughter enjoyed discussing the show and their favorite characters afterwards. His daughter’s favorite characters were the dwarves, especially when they morphed into the big ogre. Another favorite aspect to the show was the magic mirror.

“Luke, who played the character, had so much energy and she loved how animated and hilarious he was,” Moore said.


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