Kings Choir Hosts a Recital

Article by Bayley Gilligan

Gilligan Choir.JPGOn Saturday, February 16th, the Kings Choir program will host their first annual Heart and Song recital in the high school cafeteria at 7pm. This performance will feature the talents of Hope Milthaler’s independent study students Amy Helms and Justin Alcorn. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to help support the King’s Choir program.

Heart and Song will feature voice and piano performances from Helms and Alcorn respectively, as well as all you can eat coffee and desserts.

Alcorn and Helms have been working on multiple goals as the recital approaches. These include finding the right repertoire, performance stamina, and programming notes. Their performance at Heart and Song will also focus a lot on audience presentation and collaboration.

“I’ve been working on classic repertoire,” Helms explained. “I want to expose everyone to classical music, and show them that it can be fun.”

Milthaler explained that this event would be a great experience for both Alcorn and Helms, and that their cooperation on this recital is a great first step in familiarizing themselves on working with other singers and pianists in college.

“I’ve been playing for three years,” Alcorn told the Knight Times. “This performance is a good experience for our senior recital coming up. I’m also focusing on endurance and fitting more minutes into the recital than I have been. [You can expect] plenty of comedic twists and other things to keep our audience entertained.”

“We wanted to do a fundraiser that was an event,” Milthaler said. “ The Kings Choir Program is definitely like one big family, and we wanted to make our recital as inclusive to everyone as possible.”

Admission is $8. The recital will be approximately an hour and a half in length. This event is black tie optional.

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