History Repeats Itself

Opinion by Christian Pierce

ChristianWhen you think of a sports dynasty, there are a few teams that come to mind: the New York Yankees,the Boston Red Sox,the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Green Bay Packers, the San Francisco 49ers, and last but certainly not least the New England Patriots.

The National Football League has seen a lot of the New England Patriots the last 17 years. They are a team you either love, respect, hate, or just simply get sick and tired of. Under the helm of head coach Bill Belichick’s fantastic schemes, coaching staff, phenomenal offensive line, and a hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots have been unstoppable. Currently the New England Patriots hold the longest active streak in NFL playoff appearances at 10 seasons! The Patriots have dominated the NFL since the year 2000.

But repetition gets old. Seeing the same team every single year in the Super Bowl gets annoying and frustrating right?

We simply just want to see an underdog or a new team reach the Super Bowl, but no, Tom Brady and his Patriots always find a way to go every year.  

The Pats have been in the Super Bowl 10 times since 2001. This year’s Super Bowl victory against the Rams marked Brady’s 9th Super Bowl appearance and New England’s 6th championship win, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers. It gets old but the question remains: Is the New England Patriots dynasty good for the NFL and for the sport of football?  


It is not.

Everyone is tired of seeing the same team represent the AFC in the Super Bowl each and every year.

According to SB Nation, 75% of fans were rooting for the Rams to win the Super Bowl. People like to see change in the championship. This year’s Super Bowl ratings were down, the lowest since 2007. But what’s not to like about Bill Belichick,Tom Brady, and the Patriots?  Bill always gives lots of long thoughtful answers to the media. Not. You’re lucky to get more than 10 words out of the guy. He hides under his hood, scheming.

Although, New England has been familiar with the media. Remember Tuck Rule, Spygate, and Deflategate? Tom Brady also claimed to the media he was the baddest man in the world with explicit  language, and now owner Robert Kraft has been charged for two cases of prostitution. But you gotta love the Patriots, right?

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