Women’s Tennis Senior Night

Article by Delaney Mettey


Senior Ellie Mathias

On Thursday September 13, the Women’s Tennis team hosted Goshen High School for  a tennis match on Senior Night. These fierce girls have worked hard and devoted four years in Kings. Their coach Sarah Hennessey, was proud of her strong girls.

This was a big night for the seniors who have been through a lot of matches in both hot sweaty days and cold rainy days. It was emotional to see all the Seniors celebrate friendship and strength by playing a sport that no man thought a women could play. Senior Haley Guerin had a moment to share her thoughts and memories about the friends

hips she’s made in Women’s Tennis.

“I really liked making friends on the team and the best advice I got from coach Hennessey is to stick with it and if you’re losing, just try your best and if the other team is better, always just do your best.”


Senior Lakyn Cefalu

Sarah Hennessey, the coach of Women’s Tennis team, got to share her favorite moments with her seniors.

“The girls are the most genuine and nicest girls I’ve ever met. They are extremely hardworking, very good girls and have improved dramatically.”

At the end of the day, these seniors were thankful for their friends and family coming to watch and support them for all their hard work and their win.

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